Uljas uusi maailma

"I'm a freelance professional photographer, and in recent years, the internet 'economy' has devastated my sector. It's now difficult to make a viable living due to widespread copyright theft from newspapers, media groups, individuals and a glut of images freely or cheaply available on the Web. These have combined to crash the unit cost of images across the board, regardless of category or intrinsic worth. For example, the introduction of Royalty Free 'microstock', which means you can now buy an image for $1.00, is just one factor that has dragged down professional fees.", Sion Touhig VIA The Register

"True 'citizen journalists' are people like Iraqi news journalists working where western photographers dare not go, to document the destruction of their homeland. Despite putting themselves and their families in peril 24 hours a day, most if not all of them earn a pittance and many relinquish their copyright on images and stories which make the front pages of the worlds newspapers. Just this year alone, 32 have died.", Sion Touhig.
Freelance ammattilaiskuvaaja Sion Touhig kirjoitti The Registeriin jutun ammattinsa tilasta nykyaikana. Ja purkaus sai myös vastakaikua lukijoilta. Tässä The Registerin toisessa jutussa on palautetta lukijoilta koskien Sion Touhigin purkausta kuvajournalismin haudalla. Tervetuloa globaaliin maailmaan! Luulitko että sinä et saa kutsua? Kun liikkuvaa kuvavirtaa saadaan reaaliajassa mistä tahansa maapallolla, ei kuvajournalismi kykene kilpailemaan. Tämä on uljas uusi maailma, ole iloinen. Tätähän Jorma Puusakin on puhunut jo pitkään. Minkäpäs teet? Tähän on tultu.
"Welcome to the world of globalization. Didn't you think you'd be invited? Photographers are no different than factory workers, telephone operators, or for that matter once-highly-paid software engineers." -clip-

"Nobody forced you into the business you're in ... that was your choice. If your business no longer serves you, well, you again need to reinvent yourself." -clip-

"When the Tsunami hit a few years back I knew about it and had identified and made contribution to relief agencies a day before the newspapers had the story. Magazines are even worse. With live video feed possible from anywhere in the world photojournalism just doesn't cut it anymore as a competing medium." -clip-

"It's a Brave New World. Be Happy."