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Summer 2009
Princess of Swords
"The sharp mind of the Princess of Swords knows the value of truth. She is honest to a fault. The cutting edge of her mind slices through deceit and confusion. She will always expose any hidden motivations and face the facts, however painful. With this honesty, she clears away old shadows and allows Spirit to shine through.

Most important value to the Princess of Swords is justice. She will work to right the wrongs of the world. Hers is a world of lofty ideas and high ideals, so she will champion the good cause and do what she knows to be the right thing." lähde
"Title: The Princess of the Rushing Winds. The Lotus of the Palace of Air." lähde

"Sword Tarot Card Meaning:
Crisis, difficulty, hardship.
Sword Tarot Cards express aggression, strife, boldness and courage.
Sometimes they can mean hatred and enemies.
Swords are the suit of disaster.
The direction of Swords is north.
It`s creature is the Sylph, an elemental being in the air." Lähde
Meditations for the removal of all negative emotions like Anger, Fear, and Depression teach Gaining More Energy