via Signs of the Times on Aug 01, 2007
"A foot-high plastic Jesus doll that quotes Scripture and a three-inch Daniel in the lions' den are about to do battle with Barbie and Bratz in toy aisles across America.

The nation's largest retailer, Wal-Mart, has announced that it will start carrying a line of faith-based toys in 425 of its 3,376 stores later this month to see if characters such as Spirit Warrior Samson can rival the popularity of superhero figures like Spiderman."
Ei helvata... Raamattuaiheisia actionfiguureja tulossa myyntiin lelukauppoihin. Tässä ilmeisesti saavutetaan jonkunlainen multihuipennus mauttomuudessa? Valitsetko Jeesuksen vai Goljatin?