Ultimaattinen salailusalaliitto

"UFO-The Greatest Story Ever Denied is the film that for the first time in the thousands of years of documented sightings and decades of official denial, proves that UFOs are real and that they have been among us all along.

This documentary is about ufos, aliens, crop circles etc, with some great ufo footage and governmental officials such as astronauts, pentagon staff, nasa employees etc, admitting and confessing their involvement with alien technology, suppressing the truth, covering up their knowledge about such things,telling us what they know about these things and that it is real." VIA http://dark-truth.blogspot.com/
Äärimmäisen mielenkiintoinen video, vaikkei uskoisi sanaakaan. Foliohattukansa, tässä on se ultimaattinen salaliitto mitä voi kuvitella. Kaiken muun lisäksi tämän mukaan koko kasvihuoneilmiökin on aivan turha kun vaihtoehtoiset energiamuodot on ollut tiedossa jo iät ajat.